Franklin Monroe School’s Teacher of the Year Mrs. Kristine Happy


PITSBURG – Congratulations to Franklin Monroe School’s 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Kristine Happy!

Mrs. Happy has been teaching at Franklin Monroe Local Schools for 17 years. Kristine has taught 4th grade her entire teaching career at Franklin Monroe Elementary School. She currently teaches math and science but has also taught reading and language arts. Kristine lives in Versailles with her husband Brian (who also teaches at Franklin Monroe as our 6th grade math and science teacher) and two daughters, Karly and Claire. A Versailles High School graduate, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and attending her girls’ sporting events and activities.

When asked about what she enjoys most about teaching, Kristine shared, “I love being with my students each day, and I enjoy finding ways to make math and science engaging and fun. I love knowing that I can make a positive impact on my students’ lives and give them the skills they need to succeed in the future.”

When asked where her passion for teaching education began, Kristine answered, “One reason I decided to pursue education would be because of my high school physics teacher, Mr. Huelskamp. I remember being nervous to take this class, but that all changed after the first day. He had a way of teaching using real life stories/situations dealing with what we were learning. You never wanted class to end because it was so much fun. I remember thinking to myself how I wanted to be ‘that kind of teacher.’ My dad is also someone who inspired me to be a teacher. I remember just hating math when I was younger and would cry most nights doing homework. But he was patient and taught me strategies that helped me begin to enjoy math and eventually come to love it. So I really can relate to my students who struggle with math and I can relate to how they are feeling. I want my students to learn math without struggling”.

Kristine does a lot for our school and community. She is part of the district’s Vision Committee and the Chair Leader of our Jet Pride Spirit Fridays. She orders and organizes all of the prizes for the students throughout the school year. She also Co-Chairs the Mother/Son Night for the elementary students in PK-6th grade. She is our go-to person to lift the spirits and bring some “Happy” sunshine into the building when needed. Kristine is always welcoming and takes the new teachers under her wing to help them feel comfortable and acclimated to being a new teacher.

Upon being named the Teacher of the Year, Kristine shared, “I am very honored to be chosen for this award by my peers. I consider myself lucky to get to work daily alongside some of the best teachers and families around. Getting to work in a small school like ours, the people you work with become like your second family. I’ve become a better teacher over the years because of them and I couldn’t do this job without them. I also want to thank my principal, Mrs. Megan Linder, for being a great leader. She has helped me grow a lot the last few years as a teacher and her drive to make our school great is inspiring.”

Mrs. Happy will join teachers from the other county schools at a Teacher of the Year luncheon hosted by Darke County Educational Service Center on May 15 at Birchwood Learning Center.

Join us in congratulating Kristine!