First Annual Bash at the Bish Was a Great Success!

Gaylen Blosser Photo

The first-ever Bash at the Bish was a great success. Almost 800 people came to enjoy the food trucks, live music, BMX shows, and outdoor recreational fun at the Bish Discovery Center on June 24.

“My main goal for the whole event was to get people to the Bish Discovery Center.” Said Megan Hammaker, a Naturalist at the Bish Discovery Center who helped to organize the event, “The Bish is a hub for outdoor rec, and we wanted families to come out and experience outdoor rec fun.”

Along with food trucks, live music, and a BMX show, the Bash had many popular activities for kids and families. A pump track, safe archery, paddling, earth ball, the outdoor academy, a fire-starting program, disc golf, and tree climbing are just some of the features there that were big hits.

Gaylen Blosser Photo

“The tree climbing was a massive hit. I know there was a line down there almost the entire time.” Hammaker said, “The paddling was a big hit too. The safe archery was a huge hit. We had people there the entire time. Even little kids were up there trying to do the bow and arrow.”


Admission was free for this event; the Bish discovery center made no profit from it. It was all about showing people what the Bish Discovery Center is all about and giving them a day of outdoor rec fun.

“It was all free for families, and we had a lot of sponsorships; we didn’t make money off of it,” Hammaker said. “And I want it to remain free so that any family can come. I want it to be all of the community that’s able to participate in this kind of stuff.”

Hammaker went on to say how excited she was to see so many people at the discovery center. “I came back into the Bish to grab something, and it was full in here,” Hammaker said. “That’s the most people I have ever seen in this building. That was a big deal to me.”

A big highlight for those at the discovery center was that Tom Bish and his family came to see the event. Tom Bish’s mother, Alice Bish, donated Alice Bish Park, and Tom used to live next door and helped acquire the center’s property; that’s why it’s called the Bish Discovery Center.

“Tom and his family came out, and he came up and expressed that it was great,” Hammaker said. “I didn’t hear it directly, but he told someone else that he wished his mom could see it. So that meant a lot to me. We are doing right by him.”

You can go ahead and mark your calendars for June 22, 2024, because they are already planning next year’s Bash at the Bish. A survey will be out next week on their parks page for those who went to the event so they can make the event even bigger and better next year.

“Now people who came this year know what it’s all about, so I hope they are excited for next year for it to return,” said Hammaker. “I have some features in mind to add for next year that I don’t really want to share yet, to make it even more fun.”

Megan Hammaker wanted to give a thank you to the staff, team, volunteers, and maintenance. The Bash at the Bish would not have been possible without them.

The Bish Discovery Center also wants to give a big  thank you to  all their sponsors for the event:

Greenville VFW, Open Water, Leis Realty Co. Timmens Water Systems, Beauty Systems Group, Mprint signs and design, BASF, The Andersons Marathon Holding, Winner’s Quality Meats, Midmark, Francis Furniture of Greenville, Jafe Decorating, Family Health Services of Darke County, Mote & Associates, Micon Construction, Ohio Dreamfest. Greenville Ace Hardware, Brumbaugh Construction, Darke Pipes Emporium, Ansonia Lumber Co. Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care, and Greenville Business and Professional Women’s Club.

Special thanks also to:

 Miami County Parks, Caddie Shack, Mike’s Bikes, Lisa Hesson Family, City of Greenville Street Department, Volunteers, Darke Soil and Water Conservation District, Molly Kenney,  Jim Sink, Friends of Darke County Parks, Greenville City Schools, American Legion, Five Rivers Metroparks,  and Darke County Tile Company