Finnarn heads FSA tornado relief for farmers


GREENVILLE – Ted Finnarn, a local attorney and farmer, was out doing Agricultural assessments the next day after the tornadoes cut an annihilating swath through central Darke County.  

Finnarn was appointed by President Biden & U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown to head the State Farm Service Agency (FSA) in 2021.

Finnarn stated “the damage was so bad, I started crying when I saw my first glimpse of the horrific destruction suffered by residences, barns, silos and farm vehicles”.    

Finnarn, a local volunteer, also went out with Greenville Mayor Jeff Whitaker to apprise the situation for the Red Cross and to gather names of those needing assistance with temporary housing. 

“I will do everything within my power to aid our hard-working local farmers who have suffered damage,” stated Finnarn.

He also noted that he is working not only with Greenville Mayor Whitaker but also with his friend Eric Fee of Tribute Funeral Homes, who always does a remarkable job marshaling the community’s response in these tragic situations.  

Finnarn noted, “Eric just did a Facebook video Tuesday morning that he had me participate in, and it’s online.”    

“We are all working together on this relief effort: the local, State, and Federal Governments and many local members of our generous rural Darke County community. And we are all praying for the best,” said Finnarn.   

For further info, contact Ted Finnarn at (937) 417-4104.