Dr. Cox awarded National History Award Medal

Dr. David M. Cox awarded the NSDAR prestigious History Award Medal.


GREENVILLE – Fort GreeneVille Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution presented Dr. David M. Cox with the NSDAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution) prestigious History Award Medal.

“This means more to me than anybody can realize because I know DAR, I know they are all sincere and they do their due diligence,” said Dr. Cox. “I am humbled because it it’s not just me, it’s all these other people that have joined in. Everybody loves it and we all have similar interests.”

“History is important in our family and my wife from Lafia has quite a story,” he added. “America is the Land of the Free, it’s the hope of the free world.”

The NSDAR History Award Medal is awarded to any individual or group whose study and or promotion of some aspect of American history on regional or national level has significantly advanced the understanding of America’s past is eligible for the award.

“Projects concerning local history will be considered only if a connection to a wider influence on American regional or national history can be proved,” said Regent, Penny Weaver. “These contributions to the study of American history may have been associated with but are not limited to archives, manuscript collections, historical societies, libraries, museums or other organizations.”

Suzanne Marie Heske, HSDAR Historian General, Washington DC states, “The Office of the Historian General has completed its review of the dossier your chapter submitted to nominate David M. Cox for the NSDAR History Award Medal. Mr. Cox has contributed to the greater understanding of American history by collecting and sharing his stories of people, places, and events with his local community. Therefore this National Officer takes great pleasure in granting permission to award the DAR History Award Medal to David M. Cox.”

“The requirements were very strict for this award,” said Vice Regent, Debbie Nisonger. “It is a great honor that Fort GreeneVille Chapter is able to present Dr. Cox with this award. He is very deserving.”

Also required for the award were three letters of recommendation from professionals closely associated with the study of history generally and in a position to evaluate seriously the historical contributions of the nominee specifically. Those who wrote recommendation letters were Roger M. Van Frank, Director of Darke County Parks; David Heckaman, Waynes Legion Reserch Group; and Nancy Meiring Knapke, Site Manager of Fort Recovery State Museum. Also their personal resumes were required along with the recommendation letters.

David Heckaman stated: “I cannot think of anyone more deserving of an award for his efforts for more than 30 years to preserve history and educate others. Dr. Cox has done this without wanting any personal recognition or gain. He believes if he does not personally bring about that preservation of these stories, the history may be forgotten. Dave s filled with the spirit of inquiry to find out and pass on the truth about this important period of the history of the United States.”

“Fort Jefferson had become the forgotten fort,” Dr. Cox said of his work. “Nobody knew what happened at Fort Jefferson, I didn’t even know. We learn as we go along and as this information turns up we realize how important Fort Jefferson actually was.”

“It’s a place that we can show what we were talking about,” continued Dr. Cox. “This is where the standing Army started – was Fort Jefferson. It’s the only place that can tell the story so that is why we’re working like we are to tell the story.”

DAR Vice Regent, Debbie Nisonger pins NSDAR History Medal to Dr. Cox’s lapel while DAR Regent, Penny Weaver looks on. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Dr. Cox is congratulated by Debbie Nisonger (R) and Penny Weaver (L) for his awarding of the NSDAR History Award Medal. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Dr. David Cox humbly accepts the NSDAR National History Award Medal. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
NSDAR National History Award Medal presented to Dr. David Cox. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Dr. Cox M Cox NSDAR National History Award Medal presented by GreeneVille DAR. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Dr. David M. Cox recipient of prestigious NSDAR National History Award Medal. (Gaylen Blosser photo)