Don Mong Travels Across America Creating New Book

“Coming back to Darke County – it’s like a magnet, I can’t get away from it ... Don Mong

Don and Sherry Mong make a stop at the Greenville Farm Power of the Past while traveling across America working on new Post Card book. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

GREEMVILLE – Don and Sherry Mong made a stop at the Greenville Farm Power of the Past on their return home from a their venture across America that started from their East Greenwich, Rhode Island home on April 23, 2023.

Don and Sherry Mong take in the Greenville Farm Power of the Past at the Darke County Fairgrounds. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Don, a 1975 Greenville alum is illustrating a book of watercolor postcards from “Across America” he hopes to have competed by Christmas 2023.

“We drove through Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas,” Mong said. “We went out to Moab, Utah, turned around and we’re on our way back.”

The Mong’s have traveled 10,000 miles pulling a camper with their pickup while Don has already illustrated 100 watercolor postcards on the trip.

“When we saw something we just stopped,” Mong noted. “We’ve been traveling all over. We went to Monument Valley, The Arches National Park and Pictured Rocks National Park, Michigan. Every place I go I just draw.”

“Since we are in such a target rich environment I try to paint things when I can,” he added. “If not I have to take pictures to do it later to get the subject matter because there is just so much stuff, it’s so beautiful.”

While taking in the 2023 Greenville Power of the Past, Don and Sherry were attending the Thursday night square dancing so Don could include in the event in his Watercolor Postcards project.

Mong recently competed a hardbound book titled, ‘Greenville My Hometown In The Great Darke County’ taking the viewer on a trip down memory lane in Darke County. Books may be purchased at the Garst Museum Store.

Now retired, Sherry and Don enjoy returning to Greenville and attending local events including the Great Darke County Fair.

“It has been so much fun,” Mong said of their trip across America. “Coming back to Darke County – it’s like a magnet, I can’t get away from it. We’re both living a dream.”

“Greenville will fit prominently in my book because Greenville has such beautiful Rural American images,” Mong concluded.