Darke DD names Borchers for Employee Spotlight 


Tom Borchers is celebrating nearly seven years working at Weaver Eggs in Versailles, and he doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. He works on a team of five as a part-time production crate washer, and while they work hard, they also have a lot of fun.

Tom has held other jobs for a length of time, but this job is different; he really enjoys going to work each day and looks forward to seeing the guys. Jeff Shivley, team lead, has only great things to say about Tom. 

“He comes in each day with a great attitude and is always ready to get to work. In fact, he comes in early and stays until the job is done. He is a hard worker and dependable, everything you want in a good employee.” 

Tom enjoys working in his hometown of Versailles – in fact, when he and his job developer from Capabilities, Dennis Rutter, toured Weaver Eggs, they made a personal connection. As it turned out, Tom went to school with the owner’s son – however, he was hired on his merits and has proven to be a trusted employee and a valuable addition to the company.  

Tom loves his job and looks forward to going to work – he likes the independence it has given him and says he also feels like he has a purpose. Tom says he particularly enjoys the guys he works with as they work really well together, and that makes his job fun.  

Tom’s parents, Steve and Lil Borchers, have seen an increase in Tom’s self-confidence and overall happiness. He is enthusiastic about going to work, and the smile on his face at the end of the day says it all.  

Tom and his family couldn’t be more pleased with Weaver Eggs as a positive and supportive employer. In fact, the company decided against traditional job coaching services because they felt it was important to train Tom on their own; this allowed the camaraderie and relationships to form between Tom and his team right from the start.

Tom keeps a very busy schedule outside of work – he loves staying active and especially enjoys the outdoors. He spends his free time playing softball and basketball, bowling, and fishing. He and his family travel often; one of his greatest joys is being an uncle. Tom will tell you that he is definitely living his best life!

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