Darke County plans America’s 250th Celebration


GREENVILLE—Our Nation will be celebrating 250 years in 2026. How do we celebrate such a milestone?! A group of interested Agencies, Non-Profits, Municipalities, and Government Indivuals began meeting in prperation to celebrate America’s 250th Birthday. Some of us may have been alive in 1976 to celebrate 200 years as a country and we want to outdo what they had done then. So the group plans to hold special events throughout the county at festivals and gatherings. If you would like to know more check out the website as Ohio plans to celebrate 250 years as a county at: https://www.ohiohistory.org/ohio-commission-for-the-u-s-semiquincentennial/ or their Social Media pages.

And more information at: https://www.ohiohistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Getting-to-Know-America-250-Ohio.pdf

America also has an informational site for information: https://www.america250.org/

More information will follow as the group works through ideas and programs.