Darke County Marriage Licenses — Sept, Oct, Nov



Luke Daniel Marconett, 32, Arcanum, and Sara Lee Hihn, 34, New Pekin, Ind.
John Henry Mobley, 33, Greenville, and Holli Nicole Stump, 26, Greenville.
Kennedy Jordan Fleming, 25, Greenville, and Danielle Marie Brunswick, 25, Greenville.
Jenna Jane Horne, 18, Greenville, and Dustin Kent Lee Burk, 19, Greenville.
Christina Marie Runner, 26, Versailles, and Nathan Daniel Poeppelman, 25, Anna.
Jenna Danielle Capstick, 22, Geenville, and Layne Justin Washington, 23, Greenville.
Cami Faye Henninger, 22, Arcanum, and Cole Jeffrey Burrell, 25, Arcanum.
Cheyenne MacKenzie Ketteman, 24, Rossburg, and Dillon John Crane, 25, Rossburg.
Noah Thomas Brown, 18, Versailles, and Harley Renee Giffith, 18, Greenville.
Nathan Bruce Henry, 24, Portland, Ind., and Kylie Hope Sheffer, 24, Portland, Ind.
Danielle Renee Partin, 29, Arcanum, and Tyler Scott Pitman, 30, Greenville.
Ava Lynn Smith, 22, Greenville, and Joseph Allen McCombs, 21, Greenville.
Matthew Logan Cooley, 31, New Madison, and Lateha Madison Richards, 27, New Madison.
Taylor Christine Stookey, 24, Greenville, and Jared Stanley Niekamp, 25, Greenville.
Steven James Blankenship, 35, New Madison, and Melinda Star Worley, 34, New Madison.
Mariah Faith Hannan, 24, Union City, Ohio, and Nicholas Lee Brewer, 27, Union City, Ohio.
Jenna Elizabeth Dillon, 30, Union City, Ohio, and Joel Christian Denney, 34, Union City, Ohio.
Colleen Michele Pohlman, 25, Bradford, and Timothy John Jones, 24, Bradford.
Riley Mark Lamison, 25, Murrysville, Pa., and Chelsea Elizabeth Groff, 24, Murrysville, Pa.
Amber Marie Miller, 31, and Tyler Gene Hickey, 33, Greenville.
Dylan Alexander Smith, 21, Greenville, and Nikole Renee Yantis, 19, Greenville.
Kyle Nelson Miller, 31, Russia, Ohio, and Christa Ann Puthoff, 25, Versailles.
Kyle Lee Yount, 34, Rossburg, and Marie Ellen Blakeley, 28, Rossburg.
Cheyenne Marie Glenn, 23, Fort Recovery, and Dalton Michael Brogaard, 21, Fort Recovery.
Delaney Kay Norton, 21, Greenville, and Christopher Gene Brubaker, 22, Greenville.
Ashley Marie Broering, 25, Rossburg, and Brett Charles Goubeaux, 25, West Manchester.
William H. Smith, 30, Greenville, and Amy Lynn Whittington, 29, Greenville.
Maci Nicole Oda, 29, Greenville, and Shadd Mykal Hines, 28, Greenville.
William Joseph Wathen, 55, Greenville, and Johna Jean Painter, 54, West Milton.
Ethan Emerson Rhoades, 24, Versailles, and Lindsey Elizabeth Didier, 24, Versailles.
Patrick Dean Rehmert, 34, Greenville, and Cassandra Leann Chalmers, 32, Greenville.
Jade Loralee Egolf-Lowery, 23, Greenville, and Cody Allen Stahl, 27, Greenville.
Ronald E. Beam, 48, Union City, and Jessica Ann Lawson, 37, Union city, Ohio.
Janice Maragaret Sain, 48, Arcanum, and Jack Alan Spitler, 60, Englewood.
Ivee Alyse Brubaker, 22, Versailles, and Adam James Rostkowski, 22, Versailles.
Jamee Rae Brown, 24, Versailles, and Michael Thomas Pankratz, 27 Versailles.
Allison Anne-Marie Shew, 38, Beavercreek, and Kenny Michael Mowry Eillsizor, 34, Greenville.


Richie Lerok, 34, Ansonia, and Amber Dawn Helton, 25, Ansonia.
Aleksandr Dovzhenko, 26, Union City, Ind., and Marta Kupchii, 27, Union City, Ind.
Erica RayeAnne Haxton, 23, Pitsburg, and Liam Bryce Simason, 24, Pitsburg.
Tiffany Jean Greer, 30, Muncie, Ind., and Jesse David Tyler Durrett, 28, Muncie, Ind.
Alexander Wayne Hohler, 33, Rossburg, and Beth Ann Stewart, 34, Rossburg.
James Douglas Jernigan, 36, Greenville, and Rachel Tiffany Baker, 34, Greenville.
Quentin J. Woodyard, 30, Union City, Ind., and Tessa M. Shell, 26, Union City, Ind.
Garrett Joseph Kahlig, 28, New Weston, and Brianna Jane Brookhart, 24, Versailles.
Dulce Marie Rodriguez Peralta, 29, Union City, Ohio, and Austin Scott Addington, 27, Union City, Ohio.
Tyler Scott Sicotte, 26, Greenville, and Kelsi H. Smith, 25, Greenville.
Lydia Rose Sink, 23, Ansonia, and Trevor James Schlarman, 24, Ansonia.
Rachel Ann Stanton, 20, Greenville, and Alexander Ryan Carey, 20, Greenville.
Taylor Lynn Peschel, 28, Winchester, Ind., and Conner Joseph Kidwell, 23, Richmond, Ind.
Robert Garth Hittle, 26, Greenville, and Savanna Lynn Maxwell, 20, Greenville.
Joseph Ryan Campbell, 41, Greenville, and Amy Marie Hicks, 38, Union City, Ind.
Hannah Jane Miller, 39, New Paris, and Eric David Hussey, 43, New Paris.
Elijah Daniel Young, 22, Greenville, and Paige Elizabeth Ross, 22, Greenville
Callie Lynn Landis, 27, Greenville, and Seth Allen Kress, 25, Greenville.
David Leroy Champ, 46, Union City, Ohio, and Chelsea Alexa Antione Stewart, 35, Union City, Ohio.
Kimberly Jo Lawrence, 60, New Madison, and Mikel Wayne Bolin, 73, New Madison.
Tiffany Jean Greer, 30, Muncie, Ind., and Jesse David Tyler Durrett, 28, Muncie, Ind.
Thomas Walton Spurlock, 56, Greenville, and Angela Kathryn Spurlock, 46, Greenville.
Ashton Ann Olson, 31, Phoenix, Ariz., and Eric Joseph Stammen, 36, Phoenix, Ariz.
Samuel James Gilmore, 21, Arcanum, and Kelsie Marie Wehr, 19, Arcanum.
Athena Marie Heitkamp, 35, Union City, Ohio, and Bradley Ray Hatch, 43, Union City, Ind.
Tyonna Sihann Bradburn, 19, Greenville, and Raquan Sharez Green, 23, Greenville.
Levi Conrad Tufts Carnes, 22, Arcanum, and Heather Lynn Blair, 23, Arcanum.
Victoria Loren Landis, 23, Greenville, and Caleb Samson Bowman, 26, Greenville.
Tonya Renee Beasley, 62, Greenville, and Bruce Allen Glaze, 58, Greenville.
Daniel Thomas Flora, 24, Bradford, and Lauren Marie Douglass, 19, Arcanum.
Kelsey Marie Stein, 27, Yorkshire, and Erik William Rutschilling, 32, Yorkshire.
Alicia Brook Jett, 36, Greenville, and Joe Adams Martinez, 43, Greenville.
Mary A. Downey 74, Piqua, and Robert Lee Hanson, 75, Arcanum.
Karlee Ann Barlage, 23, Fort Loramie, and Jacob Daniel Gehret, 24, Osgood.
Randall Eugene DuVall, 31, Union City, Ohio, and Chelsea Jean Skidmore, 27, Union City, Ohio.
Alexys Renee Reynolds, 25, Ansonia, and Dane Clayton Blumenstock, 27, Ansonia.
Ethan Kenneth Bruns, 31, Versailles, and Cynthia Ann Rutschilling, 33, Versailles.

Eric Phillip Hurston, 38, Greenville, and Rayana Janae Randall, 32, Greenville.
Joshua Torres-Santiago, 32, Ansonia, and Ashley Robin Koverman, 37, Ansonia.
Mikayla Jane Bohman, 21, Versailles, and Carter Jay May, 22, Versailles.
Caitlynn Elaine Muhlenkamp, 21, New Weston, and Wyatt Andrew Jutte, 24, New Weston.
Brett Alan Bender, 48, Versailles, and Angela Suzanne Young, 46, Versailles.
Shawna Leslie Brines, 26, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Matthew John Dillon, 26, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Alyssa Renee Ridder, 28, Arcanum, and Levi Alven Nathaniel Roberts, 23, Arcanum.
Cole Austin Good, 21, Arcanum, and Madisyn Kendall Taylor, 20, Ludlow Falls.
Nailah A. Goines, 24, Union City, Ohio, and Isaiah Alejandro Pease, 23, Union City, Ohio.
Caleb Joseph Hemmelgarn, 28, Versailles, and Tana Elizabeth Lawrence, 25, Versailles.
Stacy Lou Balsbaugh, 33, Greenville, and Arlan Timothy Flory, 34, Chillicothe.
Brittney Rose Hiestand, 24, New Weston, and Cory Mark Borgerding, 33, Burkettsville.
Danielle Rose Nerderman, 22, Laura, and Benjamin David Haney, 24, Laura.
Hallie Ruby Morris, 29, Arcanum, and Nathan Kyle Wampler, 30, Arcanum.
Rodney R. Patty, 57, Bradford, and Lisa L. Patty, 51, Bradford.
Laci Diane Baker, 32, Arcanum, and Sean Michael Henninger, 31, Arcanum.
Makenna Lanae Price, 22, Union City, Ohio, and Devan Michael Rinderle, 24, Union City, Ohio.
Anna Leigh Groff, 22, Versailles, and Nicco Valentino Libertini, 23, Clayton.

This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to My County Link for publication.