Darke County Marriage Licenses for August and September


John Brian Flocke, 44, Clay, N.Y., and Angela Marie Stebbins, 44, Clay, N.Y.
Francisco Jav Estrada Aguilar, 34, Union City, Ind., and Angy Lucia Mangones Jimenez, 27, Union City, Ind.
Daniel James Berger, 25, Ansonia, and Alyssa Marie Thompson, 22, Minster.
Mariah Joan Riddle, 25, Fountain City, Ind., and Kyle Joe Eversole, 25, Fountain City, Ind.
Theresa Marie Rhea, 68, Arcanum, and James Owen Gish, 76, Arcanum.
David Eugene Wolfe, 56, Greenville, and Angel Dawn Robinson, 52, Richmond, Ind.
Kyle Steven Lee Phillips, 25, Arcanum, and Madison Lynne Schaar, 24, Arcanum.
Kenneth Delaine Grilliot, 34, Versailles, and Misty Dawn Williamson, 19, Versailles.
Deborah Jo Rice, 32, Bradford, and Dakota Wayne Crouse, 27, Brookville, Ohio.
Hunter Prescott George, 25, Greenville, and Valerie Renee Kissinger, 23, Bradford.
Kelsey Raine Thompson, 22, Arcanum, and Noah Breaden Koffer, 23, Arcanum.
Marah Christine Moeller, 23, Versailles, and Mitchell Bryant Huelskamp, 23, Versailles.
Walter Robert Dolinski III, 36, Arcanum, and Morgan Breanna Petkus, 34, Arcanum.
Lindsey Nicole Dirksen, 28, New Madison, and John Tyler Tuthill, 29, New Madison.
Jarrett Dale Hurd, 26, Greenville, and Taylor Deanne Newman, 22, Greenville.
David Louis Barlage, 24, Yorkshire, and Megan  Reene Tuente, 21, Yorkshire.
Bradley Alan Rammel, 43, Greenville, and Jonna Kay Scheblo, 34, Greenville.
Darla R. Printz, 61, Greenville, and Allen L. Whittaker, 70, Greenville.
Dalton Dale Mayer, 25, Arcanum, and Lacy Fay Henninger, 24, Arcanum.
Megan Elizabeth Rismiller, 23, Yorkshire, and Ryan Francis Vagedes, 24, Fort Recovery.
Richard Edwin Arthur, 60, Greenville, and Tracy Renee Smith, 53, Greenville.
Daniel Lee Hill, 33, Arcanum, and Shannin Dawn Ledgett, 32, Arcanum.
Zoee Ryann Saige Woolridge, 22, Richmond, Ind., and Jacob Andrew Jones, 22, Richmond, Ind.
Corey Jacob Locker, 33, Greenville, and Abby Nicole Robbins, 34, Greenville.
Abigail Anne Riley, 22, Greenville, and Ezekiel David Myers, 28, Perrysville, Ky.
Matthew Donald Prueter, 23, North Star, and Katelyn Marie Knapke, 23, North Star.
Jalisa Dawn Scott, 28, Union City, Ohio, and Travis James Chesney, 29, Union City, Ohio.
Bridget Yvonne Moore, 51, Versailles, and James Daniel Johnson, 54, Versailles.
Kenneth Dale Baker, 58, Ansonia, and Sandra Franke, 55, Ansonia.

Samantha Rae Buckley, 38, New Madison, and Zachary Daniel O’Dell, 38, New Madison.
Krista Lynn Halcomb, 46, New Madison, and Jeremy Edward Scantland, 43, New Madison.
Christina Noelle Dunn, 34, Covington, and Justin Charles May, 36, Versailles.
Davila Dana Aguayo, 27, Greenville, and Gerra Lynn Anita Smith, 29, Greenville.
Johnna Danielle Morris, 25, Greenville, and Ceiriek Justice Spicer Daniels, 22, Greenville.
Michelle Lynn Heckman, 29, Arcanum, and Christopher Washington Stokes, 28, Arcanum.
Madison Nicole Wells, 26, Chicago, Ill., and Troy Eric Siegel, 27, Chicago, Ill.
Hank Warren Roscoe, 46, Richmond, Ind., and Holly Beth Taylor, 37, Greenville.
Kerri Ann Line, 29, Gettysburg, and Ross Richard Shook, 22, Gettysburg.
Bryanna Lea Bishop, 18, Greenville, and Zachary Neal Cottingim, 19, Greenville.
Taylor Heaven Rain Tedore, 25, Greenville, and Connor James Davis, 24, Greenville.
George Eric Taylor, 47, Rudolph, Ohio, and Jessica Ann Coleman Smith, 33, Greenville.
Cindy Roann Luedeke, 67, Gettysburg, and Jon M. Shives, 70, Gettysburg.
Jayme Nicole Hangen, 34, Greenville, and Donald Earl Hittle, 40, Greenville.
Lori Mae Snyder, 55, Ansonia, and Apolonio Espinosa Perez, 66, Ansonia.
Brandie Michelle Jenkinson, 44, Union City, Ohio, and Ryan Scott Dickey, 33, Union City, Ohio.
Donivan Thomas Wright, 21, Greenville, and Sarah Kay Crumrine, 23, Greenville.
Alexandra Caitlyn Downing, 24, Charlotte, N.C., and Weston Lee Haws, 24, Charlotte, N.C.
Alexandra Morgan Myers, 29, Greensburg, Pa., and Brandon Arthur Schultz, 31, Acme, Pa.
Jerome Allen Dotson, 36, Ansonia, and Brenda Michelle Frazier, 37, Ansonia.
Austin Michael Hoelscher, 34, Yorkshire, and Brittan Taylor Martin, 28, Yorkshire.
Tracy Lynn Fortkamp, 24, Union City, and Andrew Michael Bohman, 29, Union City.
Aaron James Spradlin, 31, Greenville, and  Destiny Lynn Mills, 30, Greenville.
Audrey Faith Cable, 22, Arcanum, and Logan Tyler Fakes, 23, Cicero, Ind.
Raymond Matthew Louis, 46, Greenville, and Amy Lynn Hansen, 46, Greenville.
Madison Nichole Little, 22, Greenville, and Bryce Logan Robison, 23, Greenville.
Abigail Rae Marburger, 23, Greenville, and Jacob Wayne Dircksen, 19, Winchester, Ind.
Derek Duane Fox, 27, Arcanum, and Olivia Taylor MtCastle, 26, Arcanum.
Christina Elaine Marshall, 41, Union City, Ohio, and Matthew Jacob Hampshire, 39, Union City, Ohio.
Cassandra Lee Thomas, 41, Bradford, and Jimmy Dean Bowling, 40, Bradford.
Averi Angelica Kowalski, 23, Greenville, and Jacob Paul Porter, 24, Greenville.
Courtney Marie Homan, 23, Versailles, and Adam John Gehret, 23, Versailles.
Alisha Brooke Rismiller, 21, Versailles, and Isaac Everett Oda, 20, Versailles.
Katrina Marie Hammaker, 34, Versailles, and Chase James Simmerman, 38, Freeport, Ohio.
Edward William Boomershine Jr., 34, Rossburg, and Audrey Alene Stammen, 38, Rossburg.
Breanna Caroline Leach, 23, Winchester, Ind., and Kyle Steven Bates, 26, Winchester, Ind.
Mitchell Lee Studebaker, 22, Arcanum, and Autumn Raelyn Brock, 20, Arcanum.
Hailee Arlene Nicole Taylor, 21, Greenville, and Matthew Steven Booker, 25, Greenville.
Jesse Antonio Valdez, 45, Greenville, and Miranda Renee Gilbert, 45, Greenville.
Jessica Rena Gahret, 38, Greenville, and Richard Allen Morgan, 42, Greenville.
Tera Jean Gibboney, 29, Greenville, and Joel Aaron Nixon, 41, Greenville.
Rebecca J. Blanton, 50, Greenville, and Jonathan E. Swob, 47, Greenville.
Jake Tyler White, 34, Potomac, Ill., and Stacy Yvette Kinney, 35, Potomac, Ill.
Taylor Michelle Netzley, 25, Greenville, and Braden Mich Merritt-Eikenberry, 20, Greenville.
Chloe Grace Wolf, 20, Pitsburg, and Seth Austin Witt, 23, St. Clair Shores, Mich.
Kristin Jo Rieman, 20, Greenville, and Miguel Angel Matra Ruiz, 26, Greenville.
Amy Colleen Henning, 33, Ansonia, and Andrea Marie Gibbons, 39, Ansonia.

This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to My County Link for publication.