Darke County Fair Poultry Barn Winners



Fun night in the Poultry Barn

Poultry Royalty- Prince: Grant Moore, Princess, Daisey Shiverdecker, King: Evan Addis, Queen: Adi Schmitz- 2023 King & Queen

Photo Winners:  9-11 years old:1st place Cassidy Seubert,  2nd place: Daisey Shiverdecker, 3rd place Cassidy Seubert. 12-14 years old: 1st place: Mason Kindig, 2nd place: Eva Yohey. 15- 18 years old: Hannah Kindig, 2nd place: Julia Yohey, 3rd place: Joise Pothast

Champion Standard; Blake Addis, pullet Light Brownleghorn/ Reserve Champion: Cheyenne Swisher, pullet, Buckeye

Champion Bantam- Lexis Biddleston, pullet, BB Red Old English, Reserve Champion, Blake Addis, pullet, Quail Danuer

Champion Bantam Duck: Blake Addis, Reserve Champion: Lauren Gower. Champion Duck: Blake Addis, Reserve Champion: Lauren Gower

Champion Guineas: Kaitlyn Roberts: Reserve Champion: Alexis Biddlestone

Champion Peigons: Hannah Kendig; Reserve Mason Kendig

Grand Champion Overall Fancy: Blake Addis Reserve Champion: Lexi Biddlestone


Pee Wee Showmanship 4-5 years old- 1st place- Evan Whitmer with the King & Queen& Prince and Princess- Poultry

Pee Wee Showmanship 6-8 years old- 1st place- Jace Shiverdecker

Wyatt Ketring- Playing the national anthem

Commercial Champion: Cade Suebert, Reserve Champion Jace Bohman

Champion pen of Broilers: Cheyenne Swisher, Reserve Champion Mason Kendig

Champion pen of Roasters: Cheyenne Swisher, Reserve Champion Patrick McGlinch

Champion Tom Turkey: Evan Addis, Reserve Champion Blake Addis

Champion Hen Turkey: Lauren Gower, Reserve Champion: Daisey Shiverdecker

Champion Pen of Market Ducks: Blake Shives; Reserve Champion: Kaysen Judy

Grand Champion Overall Market: Evan Addis/ Reserve Champion Cheyenne Swisher


Kaitlyn Tollefson- sang the National Anthem

Skillathon winners: 15-18 years old

Skillathon winners: 14-12 years old

Skillaton winners: 11-9 years old

Senior Showmanship winners- 1st/ Blake Addis, 2nd, Brooklynn Seubert, 3rd Maggie McGlinich, 4th, Hannah Kendig, 5th Lauren Gower

Intermediate Showmanship winners- 1st- Cheyenne Swisher, 2nd- Cash Bubeck, 3rd- Mason Kendig, 4th Elliott Seubert, 5th Evan Addis

Junior Showmanship winners: 1st Grant Moore, 2nd Luxe Bubeck, 3rd Penn Bubeck, 4th Willis Shiverdecker, 5th Cassidy Seubert

Showman of showman over the poultry barn- Cheyenne Swisher.


1st place chicken dress up: Evan Whitmer & 1st place Kip Krueger

Egg Decorating Winners: 1st place Evan Whitmer & 1st place Kip Krueger

Champion Roster Crowing Contest winner: Ryker Harrod


Blake Addis & Laren Gower- Poultry Scholarship Winners

Outstanding Exhibitors Fancy- Blake Addis/ Outstanding Market Exhibitor: Cheyenne Swisher

Congratulations to all Poultry Barn Winners!


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