Darke County ESC honors students at Franklin B. Walter Scholarship Banquet

Brocious and Superintendent Atchley.

GREENVILLE—The Darke County Educational Services Center (ESC) honored six seniors from six different Darke County school districts on Wednesday evening.

The Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Scholarship Award was established by the Ohio Educational Service Center Association and is named after Dr. Franklin B. Walter, who served as Ohio State Superintendent from 1977 to 1991.

During his tenure, Dr. Walter worked with three governors and significantly improved public education in Ohio. He received numerous honors and earned the respect and admiration of educators nationwide.

The six students recognized are some of the best and brightest students in the state of Ohio’s senior class. They achieved this honor by virtue of their academic achievement, personal accomplishments and community service.

Out of the six recipients, only one was chosen to receive the annual scholarship.

L-R: Velasco, Brocious, Sagester, Shuttleworth, Obringer and Rice.

Students honored at the event included Austin Obringer, of Ansonia; Jacob Rice of Arcanum-Butler, Jessica Brocious, of Franklin Monroe; Mason Shuttleworth, of Greenville; Nereida Velasco of Mississinawa Valley and Rylee Sagester of Tri-Village.

“It’s my pleasure to be able to host tonight’s program in recognition of each county school district’s selected students for this award,” Darke County ESC Superintendent said. “Tonight we’re honoring the brightest students in the county. The Franklin B. Walter Award recognizes students who excel in the following areas: grade point average, class rank, course rigor, community service, extra curricular activities, recognitions and essay completion. I’m excited we’re able to bring these students together tonight and recognize them for their many accomplishments and achievements.”

Each recipient introduced their family, as well as their future plans.


Austin Obringer
Ansonia High School
Child of Lee and Amy Obringer
Wright State University, to study Computer Science


Jacob Rice
Arcanum-Butler High School
Child of Jason and Emilie Rice
Miami Univeristy (Oxford), to study Electrical Engineering


Jessica Brocious
Franklin Monroe High School
Child of Jeff Brocious
The Ohio State University, to study English and Education


Mason Shuttleworth
Greenville High School
Child of Joseph and Heather Shuttleworth
College is undecided, to study Math and Music


Nereida Velasco
Mississinawa Valley High School
Child of Armando and Stacy Velasco
The Ohio State University, to study engineering


Rylee Sagester
Tri-Village High School
Child of Josh and Traci Sagester
College is undecided, to study Broadcast Journalism (emphasis sports)

Lastly, Atchley awarded the 2023 Franklin B. Walter scholarship to Brocious, of FM High School.

“I just met Jessica this year,” Dr. Lisa Wendel, principal of FM middle and high school said. “However, I do watch the students as they carry themselves about the hallways, and she always carries herself with grace and dignity. She’s a great representative for our schools, so I’m proud to give this award to Jessica Brocious. Congratulations to her, her father and her teach Mrs. Morris.”