Daisy Shiverdecker and her Chickens

Daisy holding her favorite chicken her Bantam Ameraucana. 

With 33 Chickens and a turkey, 10-year-old Daisy Shiverdecker is busy during fair week.

Daisy is in the Joyful Jets 4-H club, and although this is her first year showing as a 4-H member, she has shown chickens since she was five. Her favorite chicken is her Bantam Ameraucana.

“I like her a lot because she’s a little bit calmer than the rest of these because some of them bite me and don’t like me a lot,” Daisy said. “But this one is a lot more better with me, and she’s used to me, so I like that.”

Daisy has a lot of fun showing at the fair. She enjoys cleaning her birds and getting them ready for her shows. Her chickens are, on average, 7 lbs.

Daisy also really enjoys keeping her area clean.

“I’m not gonna lie; my favorite thing is I like sweeping the floors in here,” Daisy said.

4-H and the fair is an enjoyable time for Daisy.

“She has a lot of girlfriends in 4-H she hangs around with,” Daisy’s mom Chelsey said. “I feel like that’s when I see her having the most fun.”

We wish Daisy the best of luck with her birds!