Commissioners approve a new grant agreement for the Village of Arcanum


The Darke County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday afternoon to discuss a resurfacing project, Warren Sunoco VAP Assessment, and a new grant agreement for the Village of Arcanum. 

Commissioners Matt Aultman, Marshall Combs, and Larry Holmes were present. 

The board opened a bid for a Resurfacing project. This project resurfaces 5.14 miles of Horatio-Harris Creek, 5.48 miles of Beamsville-Union City, and 4.97 miles of Gettysburg Webster Road. The project is in Brown, Richland, Wayne, Greenville, and Adams townships. 

“This project has been a long time in the making,” Jim Surber, the County Engineer, said. “I started this back in August of 2019. It’s 80% federal funded and 20% local funded. The estimate includes the roads’ resurfacing and all the traffic markings.” 

Surber had an estimated amount of $2,260,08.25 for the project. The bid heard came from Walls Brother Asphalt and was for $2,206,038.87. The board accepted this bid for review. 

The board then approved a construction contract and notice to proceed with Burgess and Niple Inc. for the Warren Sunoco VAP Assessment in Union City, Ohio. The work for this contract will be completed by June 1, 2024, and the funds will not exceed $135,250. Through the Brownfield Remediation program, the County is only responsible for the not to exceed amount. The contract commences to run on October 17, 2023. 

“It is a complete clean-up of the property,” said Commissioner Aultman. “They are remediating the soil; since it’s an old gas station, there are a couple of cement embankments. So it’s a remediation and clean-up, so it’s a buildable lot when it gets done.” 

The board also approved two fund advance-back resolutions from the 2022 FAA Terminal Construction Grant. The first, Resolution (R-336-2023), advances $222,330.00 back to the general fund. The second, Resolution (R-340-2023), advances 198,013 back to the general fund. Between the two resolutions, $420,343 was advanced back into the general fund from the grant. 

The board approved Resolution (R-338-2023). This resolution is revenue and appropriation increases for the 2023 Community Corrections Grant. This increases both revenue and appropriation by $20,992. 

The board then approved a State of Ohio CDBG Program Grant Agreement for the Village of Arcanum. This is to assist the Village of Arcanum with street improvements, including reconstructing East First Street, Albright Street, and East Street. For this project, the grant awards $500,000, and the village commits $382,705 in local funds for a total project cost of $882,705. 

“A lot of the streets are failing because they haven’t been done since the ’70s,” Commissioner Aultman said. “So you are talking 50-something years of wear and tear on these streets, and they are heavily trafficked.” 

The Darke County Board of Commissioners holds a regular session every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm at 520 South Broadway, Greenville, Ohio 45331. For more information, contact the commissioners’ office at 937-547-7370