Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Last Train to Clarksville

Memorial Day

In many cases, death is preferred to a life filled with unrelenting PTSD.  A person can suffer from PTSD after only one horrific life changing...

High School Hijinx

by John A Clark (Greenville HS, Class of 1966) When I was in my hometown Greenville OH for the 50th reunion of the class of...

Things That Go Bump in the Night

When I was in fifth grade, I received a new bike for Christmas.  My Huffy Western Flyer 26-inch fire engine red bicycle came equipped with...

Last Train to Clarksville: Mother’s Day

I’m sitting here chatting with you and thinking about my mom.  Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and this occasion normally focuses my attention on...

Feeding Your Inner Child

I was a prankster growing up.  Spencer Gifts when they initially opened specialized in prank toys and gifts.  I loved Spencer Gifts for this very reason...

Is Tonight the Night I Die?

The explosions were everywhere.  Deep thudded explosions along with screaming, screeching ones, filled the night air. My ears were ringing, my heart throbbing.  I could feel...

The Power of Music

I’ve noted on many occasions that I love words.  Words are powerful tools which help us explore the world around us.  But when a person possesses...

I Think Moms Should Rule the World 

My mother, Eleanor, died several years ago.  But she still lives in my head.  And I hear her voice almost daily. Mom ran a clean ship.  Yes sir,...

And then it happened

I suffered through a near-death experience 15 years past.  It was a harrowing encounter complete with great fear associated with even greater pain. My pancreas attacked...

All dogs go to heaven, don’t they? 

I was chatting with Deb the other day when the subject of dogs came up.  Clementine (our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) was laying in...