Buchy awarded ‘Straight Shooter’ award at Ag-Labor Breakfast


GREENVILLE—Jim Buchy, former U.S. Representative and Assistant Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), spoke at the recent Ag-Labor Breakfast at Jack’s Cabin, on Saturday.

At the breakfast, Buchy outlined his career of public service, and said that he had come a long way from his humble beginnings “as a Sausage maker” from Greenville.

Following his speech, he was surprised with the presentation of the special “Straight Shooter” award from the Ohio Farm Bureau & the Ohio Farmers Union.

“I’m flattered,” Buchy said. “First off, I was just excited that I was invited to come and share with the people assembled what I’ve done in my career.”

Mr. Buchy served in the Ohio General Assembly several terms for a total of 24 years of representing the people of west central Ohio.

In between his stints in the legislature, he served as Assistant Director of the ODA, and pioneered many cost saving measures that are still used today.

Buchy said the award surprised him.

“I wasn’t looking for any award. Quite frankly, the ‘Straight Shooter’ award means a lot to me, because that’s the way I am,” he said. “In a word, I’m proud.”

The award recognized his outstanding public service, and was called the “Straight Shooter Award” in honor of his honest and often bi-partisan efforts on behalf of the farmers and rural residents of Ohio.

Moving forward, Buchy said the government needs to allow our farmers more freedom.

“What we need is for the government to let the farmers and the families, who produce the most wholesome and economical food in the world, let them be free to produce,” he said. “In my opinion, the largest group of environmental stewards in the history of the world is the American farmer. What more do you want?”

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