Bernie Moreno came to Darke County


GREENVILLE – Bernie Moreno came to A&B to talk about the upcoming election and promote his cause. He is a part of the republican party and is running for the U.S. Senate. 

He seemed excited to be back in Darke County once again.

“We are having a great meeting, getting out to vote rallies,” Moreno said. “The election is coming up. We are making sure people get out and vote and have their voices heard. Make sure people get to know me a little bit more. This area of Ohio is really important.” 

He mentioned many topics while he was there. Promoting the American dream, Ukraine, the conflict between Palestine and Israel, American borders, drug issues, veterans, the process of a bill being created, rules of the senate, Ohio’s agriculture, his plans to have 80% of his staff to be from Ohio, and his opponents. 

One topic he discussed in a little more detail was empowering the police. This is one of the things he states is a priority for why he is running. 

“We have to make sure that we honor our police and we understand that criminals are the bad guys, police are the heroes,” Moreno said. “We have to make sure that they are well funded, well-supported, and that we have their backs. The reality is police keeps us away from chaos.”

Moreno also shared what he believes is unique about the American dream.

“What’s unique about America is you can go to high school, get a good job, buy a home, buy a car, have kids, raise that family in a safe community, send your kids to good schools, and the government is in the background,” Moreno said. 

The primary election is on March 19, so make sure to vote and make your voice heard.