Arcanum High School holds 10th annual Serve Arcanum Day

Gaylen Blosser photo

ARCANUM—Arcanum High School held its annual Serve Arcanum Day on Friday.

Serve Arcanum Day is an annual community cleanup effort led by high school students at Arcanum High School.

Projects completed by the students include mulching yards, painting the village pool, pulling weeds, watering flowers and more.

Gaylen Blosser photo

This year marked 10 years of Serve Arcanum Day.

“A decade of doing this,” Arcanum Superintendent John Stephens said. “Six hundred and fifty projects over 10 years. It’s pretty amazing to hear over they’ve done that many projects over the years.”

The goal of the event is to teacher students how to lead and serve others.

“This is our opportunity to give back to people, whether it’s local churches, local businesses, seniors that struggle to do that work or people who just need an extra hand,” Stephens said.

High School Principal Jason Stephan, brainchild of the event, said it’s an opportunity for kids to say thank you to the community.

Gaylen Blosser photo

“The fact that we have done this for 10 years, all of the cool projects and work we’ve done for the community says a lot about our kids and our community, all of the trust they have in us,” he said.

Although this is Stephan’s last year at the school, the tradition will continue on.

“We started it because we had great teachers and great kids here,” he said. “We were able to do a project like this because of the people we have here, so while I’m leaving, I know they will continue to do great things here, and keep serving our community.”