Ansonia American Legion gives back to community

Boys Scout Troop 114 was one of the recipients of the community donations at the American Legion in Ansonia. Shown are, from left, leaders Nick Thornhill, Mike Thornhill, Carl Post, Legion First Vice Russell Midlam, Scout leader Dave Staver, First Vice Gary Midlam, Commander Jennifer Anthony, Ken Preston, Ivan Christian, Adjutant Jim Kammer and Bob Christian. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

ANSONIA – Ansonia American Legion Post held its annual Community Donation event Monday evening, giving out $22,960 to this year’s recipients.

Receiving these “gifts” were Ansonia Fire and Rescue, Ansonia Rescue, Rossburg Fire Department, Greenville Honor Guard, Greenville American Legion Boys Baseball, Boy Scout Troop 114, Girl Scout Troop 3077, Girls Scouts of Western Ohio, Ansonia High School Band, Ansonia Athletic Association, Ansonia Tiger Cubs, Shriners, Ansonia Academic Boosters, Ansonia School, Ansonia Athletic Department, Yearbook and Ansonia Parents Association.
Ansonia Legionnaires who participated in the presentations were Commander Jennifer Anthony, Adjutant Jim Kammer, First Vice Gary Midlam, Second Vice Russell Midlam, Ivan Christian, Bob Christian and Ken Preston.

Prior to the presentation and following the pizza party, the Tiger Cubs entertained the crowd with a dance routine.

Accepting on behalf of the Ansonia Fire was Chief Chris Widener; the Ansonia Rescue, President Crystal Horne; Rossburg Fire Department, Rob Widener; Boy Scouts Troop 114, leaders Dave Staver, Carl Post and Michael and Nick Thornhill.

Also introduced were those who have already been presented with their gifts: Ansonia High School band, band director Jessica Berry; Ansonia Academic Boosters, Kelly Dapore; and Shriners, Ken Preston.

Representing the Tiger Cubs were Grace Tobe, Gracelynn Caldwell, Nora Barnt, Josi Weiss, Layla Ryan, Harper Bubeck, Chloe Hickey, Ashlyn Smith, Avery Meadows, Claire Eubank, Sophia Hart, Addison Midlam, Bella Shilt, Brenna Hartzell and Emily Creager and their coaches, Eelyse Shilt and Kami Shinn Phlipot.

Girl Scout Troop 3077 members in attendance were: Leaders Stacy Gibson and Amber Robinson and girls, Katheryn Gibson, Carissa and Cassidy Robinson, Lexi Brunner, Claire Eubank, Hallie and Addison Midlam, Autumn Gessler, Chloe Hickey, Harper Bubeck, Brooklyn Hiatt, Arianna Hecker and Elizabeth Graf.

Members of the Girls Scouts of Western Ohio 3210 in attendance were Leaders Katie Mangen and Ashley Moody; Troop Assistant Stephanie Leeper; and girls, Betty Hildebrand, Katie Midlam, Kennedy Leeper, Mila Routt, Kelsie Midlam, Dezba Bean, Calleigh Leeper, Astrid Mangen, Atalie Moody, Aven Moody, Allison Horst and Millie Dunes. Unable to attend from the group were Troop Assistants Lindsey Schlarman, Caitlin Hiestand and Caitlyn Bailey and members Autum Anderson, Rachel Schlarman and Ariel Hiestand.

Representing the Ansonia School in the presentations were Superintendent PJ Burgett and Head Custodian Rob Grilliot. A Kubota four-wheeler ATV was purchased earlier.
Representing the Ansonia Athletic Department were football coaches Adam Hall and TJ Phlipot and track/hurdle coach Clint Neal, as well as athletes, Eyan Hackler, Ian Schmitmeyer, Levi Gasper, Exzavier Moody and Kayden Edwards. It was explained that the football team had already received its contributions of $25 per touchdown and $50 per touchdown post-season, to the varsity football team and coaches Adam Hall and T.J. Phlipot. Clint Neal received his gift Monday night for the hurdles that were needed for the WOH junior high track meet held at Ansonia.

Unable to attend the event were representatives from the Greenville Honor Guard and Greenville American Legion Boys Baseball as well as recipients for the Yearbook and Ansonia Parents Association contributions.

“The Legion hosts fish dinners, reuben nights, wing nights, and burrito dinners just to name a few,” the commander told the crowd. “All of these are open to the public and are held monthly. The revenue from these sales along with canteen sales, enable us to give that money back to the community in the form of donations as we are a non-profit entity. The more the community supports the Legion, the more we can give back to so many organizations.”

She added, “We added a new recipient- the Ansonia Tiger Cubs Dance Group, and we are thrilled with the way this helps children.  After all, helping children is one of the main tenets of the Legion mission.”

Stacy Gibson, far right, leader of the Girl Scout Troop 3077, accepted the check for her troop at the event. Also shown are members and leader of her troop as well as American Legion representatives. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Stacy Gibson, far right, leader of the Girl Scout Troop 3077, accepted the check for her troop at the event. Also shown are members and leader of her troop as well as American Legion representatives. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Chris Widener, Ansonia’s fire chief, accepted the check on behalf of the department from Legion Commander Jennifer Anthony. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
A check was presented to Crystal Horne, president of the Ansonia Rescue, which was one of the 17 recipients of the Legion’s Community Donations. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Rossburg Fire Chief Robert Widener accepted a check on behalf of the fire department from Commander Jennifer Anthony. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Ken Preston, third from left, accepted a check on behalf of the Shriners Club of Darke County. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Ansonia American Legion Commander Jennifer Anthony, left, hands a check over to the Ansonia High School Band Director Jessica Berry as other Legionnaires look on. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Clint Neal, track coach for Ansonia Local Schools, accepts a check to purchase hurdles for the track program, as members and coaches of the  Ansonia football team look on. That football team recently received its money when they were given money for touchdowns at the playoff games. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Ansonia School had earlier received money from the Legion to help purchase a Kubota four-wheeler ATV and received recognition at the program. Shown from left are Ansonia Superintendent PJ Burgett, Legionnaires Russell Midlam, Gary Midlam, Ken Preston, Ivan Christian, Jim Kammer with the microphone, Bob Christian, Ansonia School’s head custodian Rob Grilliot and Legion Commander Jennifer Anthony. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
The Tiger Cubs, who entertained at the program, were added to this year’s list of Community Donations by the American Legion. They are shown here with American Legion members. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Kelly Dapore, far left, received the contribution on behalf of the Ansonia Academic Boosters during the event Monday night. (Gaylen Blosser photo)