A Night Out with the Wavaires and Jazz Scene


Front Row 1: Carson Pope, Khara Hartzell, Haleigh Hoening, Haiden Livingston, Kelly Witwer, Aleiha Fenton, and Victoria Thompson.

Row 2: Sierra Brumbaugh, Asia Thompson, Mya Conway, Lydia Beisner, Izzy Sommer, Lexi Bertsch, and Maggie Galloway.

Row 3: Ryan Bolin, Riley McCartney, Ethan Beckley, Olivia Flatter, Avery Yount, Kamdon Riethman, Addie Gathard, and Bradi Grisez.

Back Row 5: Elijah Worden, Drew Beisner, Reese Addington, Coleman McNulty, and Delia Gibson. Not Pictured: Landon Weaver.

November 11, 2022, at the Memorial Hall. Dick Brown photo.