A Night in Hollywood returns next month


GREENVILLE—The 8th annual A Night in Hollywood fundraising event will be a little different this year.

Instead of the high school, the fundraiser event created and hosted by the Greenville High School Supply Chain Management class will be held at the Radiant Lighthouse.

Senior Jarrod Mason said the location change is one of many small updates they made to the event.

“We refined a lot, including the venue itself,” he said. “In the past that [holding it at the high school] has been ok, but we wanted to revamp it a little bit so we’re holding it at the Radiant Lighthouse now. It’s bigger, we have more room to work with, with the silent auction, staging, seating, dinner, things like that.”

The event, a fundraiser for the Darke County Special Olympics, will feature a silent auction, dinner and performances by local bands, DJs, and others of all ability levels.

The class made sure to start planning this year’s event much earlier, as they ran into last minute issues last year.

“We have more support by far than last year,” Mason said. “We already have our people that are performing in place, so there’s no last minute things like that. We had some issues with that last year. Everything last year was really last minute, like getting sponsorships together like we didn’t start it until like the second semester of our class. Other than that, the dinner has changed. We have Beanz Bakery catering dinner.”

Kelly McCombs added that the group also changed up the sponsorship levels. Sponsorships between $75 to $375 are available to local patrons.

“In the past we’ve gotten feedback about our sponsorship levels being too high,” Mason followed up. “We thought it should be reasonable, so we changed that and we added more levels to it. If people wanted more raffle tickets they could do that, or social media advertising to kind of entice the higher sponsors.”

The event ties into the course in multiple ways. The class, taught by Melissa Riethman, focused on management principles and supply chain management during the first semester and now is focused on marketing special events, like A Night in Hollywood.

They learned a little bit about those topics first hand by calling people, setting up the event, and by marketing the event as well.

“They’re learning how to deal with difficult customers,” teacher Melissa Riethman said. “They learned the slogan, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Get.’ If you don’t ask you don’t get.”

Mason said his favorite part of the event is meeting new people.

“It is fun,” Mason said. “[I like] the connections. Last year, we were cleaning up and putting stuff away, and the kids would come up to us and talk to us like we were just any other person. I like that a lot. It’s cool to have that connection with them, even after the event.”

A Night in Hollywood will be on March 4, at Radiant Lighthouse, 5256 Sebring Warner Rd, Greenville, Ohio. Dinner will be served from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. General admission is 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Dinner tickets are $15, and general admission tickets are $5. To purchase a ticket to the event, click here.

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