2nd Annual Last Dog Run


The 2nd Annual LAST DOG RUN benefit poker run for the family of Jase “blocc boyy” Blocher was held on August 12th 2023 just a month after his untimely death on 7-7-2023.

All proceeds from this year’s ride went to Jase “blocc boyy” Blocher’s family to help with expenses following the unexpected death of Jase after someone pulled out in front of him while riding his motorcycle. Even though Jase was wearing his helmet, it wasn’t enough to keep the lord from calling him home at the young age of 23. Leaving his parents, fiancé and baby girl “that his life revolved around” Addelynn Mae along with countless friends behind with only their love and memories of him. Although they have good, bad, amazing and unbelievable memories or stories of their time with Jase, they’re only a fraction of what should’ve been.

We were able to raise $421.00 from the 50/50 proceeds and we deposited that directly into the bank account for Addelynn Mae Blocher (Jase’s daughter) at Greenville Federal Bank that anyone can personally make donations to out of the kindness of their heart. We also raised an additional $1515.00 that was presented to the Blocher family as pictured below. We raised that from registration fees and selling raffle tickets to win 1 of the 17 items or group of items that were donated by our numerous sponsors which consists of local businesses and individuals listed below, the Blocher family and LDR cannot thank them enough for their generosity, we’re all grateful for that and truly blessed to have so many people attend our event.

The family told us that they could feel the love and support from them all throughout that beautiful day. Lots of people won door prizes aside from the raffle item’s and winning poker hands prizes. It was a successful 2nd Annual LAST DOG RUN benefit poker run that helped another grieving family offset some of the unexpected expenses bestowed upon them.

Thank you sponsors and everyone involved for your past and future support.