Ansonia Tigers Football team and players highlight the DVII All-District Football Team. (Dale Barger Photo)


The Ansonia Tigers who won the WOAC Football League Championship going undefeated 10-0 in the regular season and now 13-0 with a regional final match-up with Marion Local this Friday highlight the DVII All District Team Football Team.

The Tigers Keegen Weiss was 1st team Running Back and was named Offensive Player of the Year and Garrett Stammen 1st team linebacker was Defensive Player of the Year.

Other Darke County players highlighted on 1st team

Ansonia: Jared Schmitmeyer, Landyn Bowman
Bradford: Hudson Hill, Trey Schmelzer, Tucker Miller
Mississinawa Valley: Anthony Ibarra.

Here is a look at the 2023 Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association Southwest All-District Division VII football teams, as selected by a media panel from the district:

First Team Offense
: Damien Dawson, Lockland, 5-10, 185, jr., QB;  Demico Harris, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 5-6, 190, jr., RB; Rico Johnson, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, 5-9, 185, sr., RB; Donovan O’Leary, Sidney Lehman Catholic, 6-5, 215, sr., QB; Dominik Stotler, DeGraff Riverside, 5-8, 140, sr., RB; Keegen Weiss, Ansonia, 5-10, 205, sr., RB; Colten Vanwinkle, Lewisburg Tri-County North, 6-1, 205, sr, RB.

Receivers: Carter Eilerman, Fort Loramie, 6-3, 195, jr., TE; Josh Flora, Cedarville, 6’0, 165, sr., WR; Hudson Hill, Bradford, 6-0, 155, sr., WR; Turner Lachey, Sidney Lehman Catholic, 5-10, 160, so., WR; Brennon Workman, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 6-3, 210, WR.

Linemen: Chase Baldwin, Cedarville, 6-1, 270, sr.; Travis Brooks, DeGraff Riverside, 6-3, 330, jr.; Roger Hoying, Fort Loramie, 6-0, 265, sr.; Petey Jones, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, 6-0, 250, jr.; Ayden Phelps, DeGraff Riverside, 6-1, 250, sr.; Jared Schmitmeyer, Ansonia, 5-8, 175, sr.

Kicker: Isaac Bender, DeGraff Riverside, 5-7, 175, jr.

First Team Defense
Brody Adams, Springfield Catholic Central, 6-3, 215, so.; Alex Bradshaw, Fayetteville-Perry, 6-2, 160, jr.; Nate Copas, DeGraff Riverside, 6-0, 170, sr.; Chris’Jen Dickey, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, 5-10, 270, sr.; Tucker Miller, Bradford, 6-3, 210, sr.

Linebackers: Braylon Dunn, DeGraff Riverside, 5-9, 200, jr.; Anthony Ibarra, Union City Mississinawa Valley, 5-11, 210, sr.; Brock McCumber, Fort Loramie, 6-0, 190, sr.; Trey Schmelzer, Bradford, 5-8, 175, sr.; Brayden Smith, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 5-11, 200, sr.; Garrett Stammen, Ansonia, 6-1, 2015, sr.; C.J. Wilt, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 5-11, 190, sr.

Secondary: Jonah Asebrook, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 5-10, 170, sr.; Landyn Bowman, Ansonia, 5-9, 151, sr.; Jaelen Griffin, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, 5-11, 175, jr.; Maxwell Maurer, Fort Loramie, 6-2, 180, jr.; Jahmir Neal, Bernard-Elmwood Place, 5-9, 150, jr.; Michael Shockey, DeGraff Riverside, 5-10, 140, sr.

Punter: Jake Winter, Cedarville, 6-1, 195, sr.

Keegen Weiss was the DVII All-Southwest District Offensive Player of the Year. (Dale Barger Photo)

Offensive player of the year: Keegen Weiss, Ansonia
Defensive player of the year: Garrett Stammen, Ansonia
Coach of the year: Brian Bogenschutz, Cedarville.

Second Team Offense
: Owen Canan, Bradford, 5-8, 150, jr., QB; Lucas Cannady, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 5-10, 160, fr.; Colt Coffey, Cedarville, 6-0, 195, jr., RB; Hayden Davis, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 6-1, 190, jr., RB; Will Holland, Fort Loramie, 5-10, 180, sr., RB; Zach McKee, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 5-10, 165, sr., QB; Myles Platfoot, DeGraff Riverside, 6-0, 175, sr, QB; Jackson Pyles, Cedarville, 6-1, 170, sr., QB.

Receivers: Ayden Clary, DeGraff Riverside, 6-3, 200, jr, TE; Tyler Cross, Cedarville, 6-1, 160, sr., WR; Day’Lynn Garrett, Covington, 5-10, 155, so., WR; Jaiden Jasper, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 6-2, 160, sr., WR.

Linemen: J.D. Barhorst, Sidney Lehman Catholic, 6-0, 215, sr.; Andrew Flax, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 5-10, 230, sr.; Eric Keener, Bradford, 6-2, 320, sr.; Jason Siegel, Fort Loramie, 6-1, 240, sr.; Kaleb Tegtmeyer, Bradford, 5-8, 205, so.; Aaron Turner, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 6-2, 300, jr.

Kicker: Emma Rutemueller, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 5-6, 120, sr.

Second Team Defense
Damian Bruns, Fort Loramie, 6-6, 235, sr.; Ethan Reichert, Ansonia, 6-2, 185, sr.; Dillon Schmiesing, Sidney Lehman Catholic, 6-0, 185, jr.; Malik Simpson, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, 5-11, 220, jr.

Linebackers: Xavier Brown, Springfield Catholic Central, 6-0,185, so.; Dallas Coffey, South Charleston Southeastern Local, 5-6, 170, sr.; Giovanni Higgins, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place, 5-10, 160, sr.; Garrett Leistner, Covington, 6-2, 195, jr.; LaBaron Oliver, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, 6-1, 215, jr.; Brandon Pisano, Union City Mississinawa Valley, 6-0, 225, sr.; Ethan Stiver, Sidney Lehman Catholic, 6-0 185, sr.

Secondary: Trevor Hemmerich, Ansonia, 6-1, 165, sr.; Leland Kauffman, Union City Mississinawa Valley, 5-9, 150, jr.; Jackson Miller, Cedarville, 5-7, 140, sr.; Noah Thrasher, Springfield Catholic Central, 6-0,170, sr.; Griffin Trevino, Bradford, 5-7, 150, jr.; Landon Wills, Bradford, 6-4, 190, sr.

Punter/Kicker: Aden Bolin, Fort Loramie, 5-11, 190, sr.


Ansonia Linebacker Garrett Stammen with the DVII All-Southwest District Defensive Player of the Year.