Sunday, June 16, 2024

National Trail FFA holds annual banquet


NEW PARIS—Yo-Ho, Yo-HO a FFA life for me! On April 15, 2023 the National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter hosted their annual FFA Banquet. The officer team started off the night by welcoming everyone to the event and recognizing National Trail School Administration, Miami Valley Career Technology Center Administration, and the National Trail Board of Education Members as there special guests of the night, after doing so the officers released everyone to start eating, with the combined efforts of the FFA members, the schools FFA kitchen Mommas, Monroe better livestock 4-H club, and the beloved advisors they served some amazing food along with a wide variety of pie.

After a very good dinner the quest was directed to the auditorium for the program. The
curtains opened to show Grant Deaton with his guitar and he played the national anthem once the lights dimmed, a spot light lit up the stage and the 2022-2023 officer team made their grand entrance. Ellie Lawson as the Parliamentarian, Macyn Patton as the Historian, Taryn Rucci as the Reporter, Riley Litrel as the Sentinel, Miranda Otto as the Secretary, Grant Deaton as the Treasurer, Ethan Kosier as the Student advisor, Blake Oswald as the Vice President, and Daniel Man as the President. The FFA members were on their feet cheering for each individual officer as they made their way to the stage.

“The banquet hall will now come to order” The president called the room to order and started the program by thanking there donors: Adam & Kim Osswald, Advanced Auto Parts, Apple Farm Service, Ashley Caldwell, Becca Shockley, Bob & Vickie Crull, Brad Ott, Brian & Kristi Deaton, Brent Eyler, Brian & Amy Weaver, Brianne Kosier, Chad & Mindy Ward, Chad & Sindi Hoke, Chris & Kathy Kitchel, Chuck Hart, Curtis & Jean Osswald, Dan & Kenna Fegan, David & Deniece Harris, Dennis Curtin, Denny & Chrisi Koehl, Don & Kim Fields, Dwight Riegel, Farmer’s State Bank, Floyd Geeding, Gaston Brown, Grant & Holly Lawson, Harold Steiner, Jack & Jean Kitchel, Jeany Ott, Jeff & Patt Ott, Jeremy & Amy Lipps, Jim & Karen McWhinney, John & Tami Kimball, Judy Brown, Kenton & Marilyn Eyler, Kerry Unger, Kevin Studebaker, Kira Worley, Koenig Equiptment, Lane & Loretta Lee, Lon & Kay Swihart, Masonna Creager, Mark & Angela Zdobinski, Mark & Kelli Barnes, Marti Eley-Paul, Matt & Shauna Deaton, Michal & Shari Kosier, Mike & Terri Hans, Olde Schoolhouse Winery, Paul Wesler, Philip & Julie Hohulin, Preble County Farm Bureau, Randy & Brenda Schaar, Randy & Kay Johnson, Reynold Reeder, Rob & Melissa Caldwell, Rob Hester, Robert & Jane Yeazel, Robert Fischer, Shirley Hundley, Sean Drew, Suzanne Kimball, Todays Harvest, Tonya Clark, Tracy & Laura Kitchel, Tylan & Devon Reynolds, Wade & Jennifer Mann, and Wings Etc.

Additionally they also thanked the following community members for donating their time and money to the 15.5 acre test plot: Becks Hybrids, Kevin Studebaker, Co-Alliance Eldorado, Denver Norris, Golden Harvest, Andy Rodefer, Nutrien, Bob Crull, Pioneer, Chad Kemp, Seed Consultant, Tim Rodefer, Stine Seed, and Lane Osswald. A special thank you went out to FFA member Dylan Ackley who planted the 2022 test plot and to Lloyd and Jason Lee who also harvested the test plot this past year.

Throughout the year the National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter participates in multiple Career Development Events or more commonly known as CDE’s. CDE’s are contests that the FFA members can participate in on the local, state, and national level in hopes of winning a blue banner. This year The National Trail MVCTC FFA competed in 15 different events with several members competing and all participating members where recognized and awarded for the efforts.

The Urban Soils team placed 13th at the District contest this year and the team was made up of Brooklyn Buckley, Maisie Collins, Grant Deaton, Kellen Laird, Brisa Landeros, Gabriella Marshall, Grace Osswald, Tayten Reynolds, Taryn Rucci, Adessa Saylor, Rebecca Shockley, Kori Snyder, Ava Apalding, Summer Stringfield, and Garland Weaver.

The Rural Soils team placed 13th at the state contest and was led by Blake Osswald who placed 16th out of 164 individuals, The team consisted of Hannah Henderson, Megan Irvin, Ethan Kosier, Braydan Lee, Riley Littrell, Black Osswald, Josh Osswald, Ethan Osswald, Macyn Patton, Cooper Smith, and Gavin Vance.

For the eighth consecutive year FFA members participated in the Job Interview contests.

The winner of each grade level moved onto the district contest to represent their chapter theses individuals where: Division 1 Morgan House, Division 2 Kaitlyn Schweizer, Division 3 Addison Sparks, Division 4 Garland Weaver, and Division 5 Libby Welz.

In the Ag sales contest, members have to sell an Ag product to the jude and complete an
complete an interactive team activity. The team placed third in districts this year, The team was coached by Amy Lipps and Amy Weaver, The team consisted of Grace Osswald, Zoe Rader, Kaitlyn Schweizer, and Garland Weaver.

The meats team must identify 40 different retail cuts and place carcass classes. The team
placed top 3 at each contest this year and competed at the state contest on April 29, where they placed First overall out of twenty teams. The team will compete in the National contest during the FFA National Convintion. The team is coached by John Kimball and consisted of Nick Berry, Grant Deaton, Ethan Kosier, Brayden Lee, Daniel Man, and Black Osswald.

The Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Team competed at the sub-District contest and
ended with a gold rating on each level, The team consisted of Grant Deaton, Megan Irvin, Ethan Kosier, Keaton Lipps, Daniel Man, Miranda Ott, Taryn Rucci, and Kaitlyn Schweizer.

The novice Parliamentaary Procedure competed at the sub district, district and state contest this year.

They received a gold rating at each contest and placed 2nd at the state contest, the team consisted of Colton Daum, Jacob Dickson, Lexi Hake, Morgan House, Grace Osswald, Aiden Rader, Tayren Reynolds, and Ava Spalding. Public Speaking is a skill you will always need in life and FFA members have the perfect opportunity to prepare themselve for their future. This year the creed speakers include Lexi Hake and Braydan Lee.

The Ag Mechanics CDE tests students knowledge in a variety of tasks. Team members rotated through 10 different stations and had the knowledge tested on wiring, engine parts, fluid identifications, and welding just to name a few. The team was coached by Mr. Chuck Hart and the team consisted of Nick Brubaker, Braiden Erwin, and Tayten Reynolds. Jameson Armstrong was the teams alternate and helped with scoring the teams station at the contest.

The Tractor Trouble Shooting contest or agricultural diagnostics career development event tests students knowledge of fixing a tractor that isnt working properly, The team was coached by Chuck Hart, Dereck Vonderhaar, and Tylan Reynolds. The team consisted of Blake Osswald and Tayten Reynolds. Alternates include Ellie Lawson, Ethan Osswald, and Josh Osswald.

The General Livestock Team evaluates cattle, sheep, goats, and swine. The team was in the top 20 at each contest this year. The team placed 13th in the state contest and Ellie Lawson placed Third overall as an individual out of over 1,000 competitors. Ellie Lawson competed at the state finals and place seventeenth out of 40 individuals. The team was coached by Chad and Mindy Ward, This years team members included Colin Dunbar, Carley Hamm, Aidan Koehl, Ellie Lawson, Riley Littrell, and Kaitlyn Schweizer.

The Equine Management Team must evaluate classes of horses, identify tack, and grade hay. The team was coached by Holly Killen and consisted of Macyn Patton, Trinity Rothwell, Taryn Rucci, and Josie Stiner. The poultry judging team identifies retail cuts, place caracasses, grade eggs, and evaluate live birds. The team was coached by Mr. Kennel who was advised by Larry Lokai the Buckeyeman and Brad Lokai. The team consisted of Logan Baker, Jacob Dickson, Ashley Green, Megan Irvin, and Miranda Ott.

Milk Quality Products was a new career development event for the National Trail MVCTC FFA this year. The team had to identify cheeses, dairy products, milk defects, and distinguish between dairy and non-dairy product. The team placed 3rd at the state contest and will compete at the world Dairy Expo in madison Wisconsin. The team was coached by Mr. Larry Lokai and consisted of Colton Daum, Sawyer Davies, Ethan Osswald, Aiden Rader, and Garland Weaver.

In the Outdoor Power CDE members rotate through various stations dealing with small engines. The team was coached by Chuck Hart and the team consisted of Jameson Armstrong, Nicholas Brubaker, Braiden Erwin, and Tayten Reynolds. The Agricultural Engineering Team was given the challenge of creating a potting bench that had to meet specific specifications.

The students where guided by Mr. Ryan Toms and the team consisted of Nick Brubaker, Grant Deaton, and Aiden Koehl.

After all the teams where recognized and congratulated they moved on to the Honorary Degree Ceremony. It is always a Pleasure to receive honorary members into the FFA, an Honorary Degree recognizes the adults that help advance agricultural education through the FFA this year the National Trail FFA was proud to give the Honorary Degree to Amy Weaver, Amy Lipps, and Larry Lokai.

The green hand ceremony recognizes the first year FFA members and there hard woork this year the National Trail FFA had 50 green hand applicants who all meet the qualifications, these 50 green hands include. Tayden Blevins, Gage Bond, Clayton Brown, Jeffery Campbell, Alivia Childers, Maisie Collins, Serenity Collins, Colson Conaster, Liam Conway, Colton Daum, Sawyer Davies, Jacob Dickson, Colin Dunbar, Braiden Erwin, Lohan Green, Lexi Hake, Eli Hall, Cadence Hammond, Ethan Hardy, Morgan House, Charles Kirby, Brisa Landeros, Kellen Laird, Taylor Lawson, Mason Leal, Braydan Lee, Briana Mann, Gabriella Marshell, Gabe Miracle, Mason Nuse, Issac O’Conner, Killian O’Conner, Kyler Osbourne, Grace Osswald, Raylen Parker, Blakely Quisenberry, Aiden Rader, Tayten Reynolds, Luke Richie, Adessa Saylor, Kylee Scammahorn, Mathew Scott, Becca Shockley, Kori Snyder, Ava Spalding, Summer Stringfield, Ryan Vermilion, Libby Welz, Chase Wills, and Jody Wintrow.

The Chapter FFA Degree is rewarded to second year FFA members, This year there where 49 applicants who all meet the qualifications, The following aplicants where awarded there chapter FFA Degree included Lucas Alexander, Belle Anderson, Jameson Armstrong, Brayden Atkins, Logan Baker, Keaden Brinley, Nick Brunaker, Brooklyn Buckley, Jayden Childers, Zackary Creeger, Will Davis, Grant Deaton, Dylan Duffie, Mason Gibson, Ashley Green, Carley Hamm, Hannah Henderson, Colten Hibbard, Megan Irvin, Jake Johnson, James Johnson, Aidan Koehl, Michael Koonts, Ethan Kosier, Tyler Lesh, Riley Littrell, Adam Miller, Brancin Mowen, Ethan Osswald, Josh Osswald, Miranda Ott, Ethan Owens, Macyn Patton, Logan Riesenbeck, Miles Rogers, Trinity Rothwell, Taryn Rucci, Kaitlyn Schweizer, Cooper Smith Heavenly Standifer, Josie Stiner, Jaxon Strunk, Darius Taulbee, Jaxson Thaker, Brady Thompson, Henry Toschlog, Justin Turner, Gavin Vance, and Josh Welz.

The highest degree the state FFA association can award is the State FFA Degree. This is an elite group of FFA members in Ohio with only 3% receiving their state degree. Blake Osswald has worked very hard and was awarded his state degree at the State FFA convention.

The National Trail was able to bring back ther Ag Ball team this years. The varsity team was coached by Brian Patrick and consisted of Belle Anderson, Jameson Armstrong, Dylan Duffie, Harley Henderson, Hailey Henderson, Aidan Koehl, Riley Littrell, Blake Osswald, Macyn Patton, and Dylan Smith. The Junior Varcity team was coached by Kira Worley and consisted of Sawyer Davies, Grant Deaton, Ethan Kosier, Braydan Lee, Killian O’Connor, Tayten Reynolds, Taryn Rucci, Kaitlyn Schweizer, Jaxon Strunk, and Justin turner.

The National Trail FFA hosted ther annual fruit and strawberry sale again this year, several of there members sold fruit and strawberries and at the banquet the FFA awarded the top individuals who sold more than $250 or more in sales. The following FFA members sold at least $250 in the fall fruit sale. Jameson Armstrong, Logan Baker, Nicholas Brubaker, Colton Daum, Sawyer Davies, Grant Deaton, Jacob Dickson, Dylan Duffie, Colin Dunbar, Maddie Harrison, Morgan House, Ethan Kosier, Brisa Landeros, Ellie Lawson, Braydon Lee, Daniel Man, Mason Nuse, Ethan Osswald, Josh Osswald, Blake Osswald, Miranda Ott, Raylen Parker, Macyn Patton, Tayten Reynolds, Trinity Rothwell, Adessa Saylor, Kaitlyn Schweizer, Cooper Smith, Ava Spalding, Addison Sparks, Gavin Vance, Garland Weaver, and Elizabeth Welz.

The FFA also recognized the top five members who sold the most in the citrus sale. Placing fifth was Maddie Harrison who sold $1,240.00. Tying for third was Garland Weaver and Tatyen Reynolds who both sold $1,280.00. Placing second was Miranda Ott who sold $1,522. Receiving the top Citrus sale award was Cooper Smith Selling $1,868.

There where many people who participated in the Strawberry sale as well The FFA recognized those members who sold $250 or more, the members include Logan Baker, Nicholas Brubaker, Zackary Creager, Grant Deaton, Jacob Dickson, Dylan Duffie, Colin Dunbar, Lexi Hake, Morgan House, Aiden Koehl, Ethan Kosier, Brisa Landeros, Ellie Lawson, Braydon Lee, Riley Litteral, Mason Nuse, Ethan Osswald, Miranda Ott, Trinity Rothwell, Cooper Smith, Summer Stringfeild, Haydon Toothman, Gavin Vance, Garland Weaver, and Elizabeth Welz.

The National Trail FFA also rewarded the top three individuals who sold the most in the strawberry sale, The third place winner was Ellie Lawson who sold $662, the second place award went to Miranda Ott who sold $1,094, and the first place award goes to Ethan Kosier who sold $1,174 worth of Strawberries and Jerky.

In memory of Gaylon and Terry L. Hundley a Memorial has been made possible for a $50 scholarship available to attend one FFA Leadership Event. The recipient must show a strong desire to better themselves as a young leader, agriculturalist, and human being.

This year the FFA presented the Memorial Scholarship to Logan Green.

The National Trail FFA Chapter wished to award a $50.00 Memorial Scholarship, to the 2024 Ohio FFA State Convention in honor of the long time Harvest Land Coop Manager and a great friend and supporter of the National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter Mr. Steve Ott.

The Steve Ott Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Coltin Daum and made possible through Jeany Ott.

The National Trail FFA has some incredibly talented FFA members in there chapter. The following students submitted a submission for the FFA State Band. The awards for the State FFA Band are donated by Gaston Brown. The following FFA members have been accepted into the Ohio FFA Convention band. and include Ellie Lawson and Garland Weaver. The following student has been accepted into that State FFA Choir and The award went to Libby Welz.

When FFA members compete in a contest they receive a gold, silver, bronze and honorable mention rating for their efforts. All FFA members are rated gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mention for their efforts this year. Members were rated based on their FFA involvement, grades, school attendance, and involvement in other activities. The honorable mention awards are donated by Wade and Jennifer Mann and the honorable mention recipients include. Brayden Atkins, Evan Baker, Nick Berry, Calvin Brown, Aiden Byrd, Jeffery Campbell, Jayden Childers, Alivia Childers, Serenity Collins, Colson Conatser, Will Davis, Elijah Davis, Mason Gibson, Logan Green, Eli Hall, Cadence Hammond, Trista Hannah, Harley Henderson, Hailey Henderson, Charlie Kirby, Shaun Lane, Briana Mann, Adam Miller, Brancin Mowen, Issac O’Conner, Kyler Osborne, Natalie Osswald, Ethan Owens, Raylen Parker, Miles Rogers, Kylee Scammahorn, Mathew Scott, Logan Smith, Heavenly Standifer, Darius Taulbee, Jaxson Thacker, Brady Thompson, Hayden Toothman, Justin Turner, Ryan Vermillion, and Jody Wintrow. The Bronze member awards are being donated by Brian and Kristi Deaton with Deaton Grain Farms.

The Bronze recipients include Dylan Ackley, Lucas Alexander, Belle Anderson, Tayden Blevins, Keaden Brinley, Brooklyn Buckley, Maudie Collins, Liam Conway, Zack Creager, Haley Davidson, Colin adunbar, Braiden Erwin, Lexi Hake, Madelyn Harrison, Colten Hibbard, Jake Johnson, Miachel Koonyz, Brisa Landeros, Taylor Lawson, Mason Leal, Tyler Lesh, Gabriella Marshle, Gabe Miracle, Killian O’Connor, Josh Osswald, Blakely Quisenberrly, Aiden Rader, Zoe Rader, Logan Reisenbeck, Luke Richie, Adessa Saylor, Becca Shockley, Dylan Smith, Kori Snyder, Addison Sparks, Jaxon Strunk, Josh Welz, and Chase Wills.

The silver member awards where donated by Preble County Farm Bureau and the silver recipients include Jameson Armstrong, Logan Baker, Nick Brubaker, Sawyer Davies, Ashley Green, Carley Hammond, Ethan Hardy, Hannah Henderson, Aidan Koehl, Kellen Laird, Brayden Lee, Mason Nuce, Grace Osswald, Trinity Rothwell, Ava Spalding, Josie Stiner, Summer Stringfield, Henry Toshlog, Garland Weaver, and Elizabeth Welz. . The gold member awards where donated by Olde Schoolhouse Vineyard and Winery, the gold recipients include Colton Daum, Grant Deaton, Jacob Dickson, Dylan Duffie, Morgan Irvin, Morgan House, Ethan Kosier, Ellie Lawson, Riley Littrell, Daniel Mann, Black Osswald, Ethan Osswald, Miranda Ott, Macyn Patton, Tayen Reynolds’s, Taryn Rucci, Kaitlyn Schweizer, Cooper Smith, and Gavin Vance.

The star awards are presented each year to members, based on their FFA involvement, grades and school attendance. The Star Greenhand Award was donated by David and Deniece Harris.

The 2023 Star Greenhand was Morgan House. The Star Chapter member award was donated by Brian & amy Weaver. The 2023Star Chapter member was Grant Deaton. The Star Junior Award was donated by Mark & Angela Zdobinski. The 2032 Star Junior Award winner was Blake Osswald. The Star Senior Award recipient was donated by Brianne Kosier. The 2023 Star Senior Award winner was Daniel Mann.

Class scholarship pins are given to the class member carrying the highest GPA.Scholarship pins where donated by Jack and Jean Kitchel the Recipients where, Freshman Morgan House, Sophomore Miranda Ott, Junior Blake Osswald, and Senior Garland Weaver.

The class treasurers receipted money for their individual classes. This makes record keeping a whole lot easier on our chapter treasurer. This award is donated by Farmers State Bank and Riegel’s Feed and Grain. The class treasurers included Logan Baker, Haley Davidson, Jacob Dickson, Tyler Lesh, Briana Mann, Logan Riesenbeck, Cooper Smith, Gavin Vance, and Josh Welz. Each of the classes are responsible for one or two committees and each committee has a chair.

These individuals work hard in organizing committee meetings a minimum of once a month and giving reports to the chapter at the monthly meetings. At the banquet the committee chairs where recognized and congratulated on there hard work The awards where sponsored by Mike & Terri Hans. The committee chairs included, Nick Brubaker who is the chair of the scholarship committee. The committee organized a week full of fun to celebrate FFA week across the entire school for all grade levels to participate in.

Morgan House who was the committee chair of the environmental committee. The committee organized a third grade soil day for all third graders to learn about soil. The committee also created a Garden Take out project for kindergarten students to crate a garden at home with starting seeds in an egg carton. Megan Irvin was the committee chair of the Ag Advocacy committee. The committee organized the chapter job interview contest, Preble County Career Fair, and Lunch and Learns for FFA members to hear from a successful Alumni member from our chapter. Kellen Laird was the committee chair of the healthy lifestyles committee. The committee organized the Ag Olympics for the high school grades to compete against each other during FFA Week. The winning class received an iced cream sundae bar.

Taylor Lawson the committee chair of the Personal Growth committee organized the school wide kindness challenge. The committee also did elementary bulletin boards.

Riley Littrell the support group committee chair organized an appreciation dinner for chapter officers to share our program of activities with school personnel and learn about the credentials our program offers to students. The committee also organized the first Family hog roast in the fall of the year.

Ethen Owens was the chair of the human resources committee. The committee organized the bags of hope program where we passed out 500 bags with all of the ingredients and a recipe to families throughout Preble County for the thanksgiving holiday. The committee also hosted a Junior FFA program for elementary students to meet twice after school and learn about

Ava Spalding is the chair of the economic development committee. The committee helped
with the strawberry and fruit sales. As well as organized several days volunteering at Whispering Christmas. The chapter earned first place in the Battle of the Areas for the third consecutive year.

Kaitlyn Schweizer was the chair of the Ag Literacy committee. The committee organized a
trip for chapter members to attend the Farm Science Review. The committee also worked on elementary ag day which was a conservation themed day held in May working with the Preble County Soil and Water Conservation District. Josie Stiner is the chair of the Leadership Committee. The committee organized a Chips and Tips for Success event for all National Trail students in grades 7-12. The event had a panel of 8 experts who were all graduates from NT and shared tips for success while students enjoyed a bag of chips.Garland Weaver is the committee chair of the citizenship committee. The committee organized an elected official luncheon for all faculty, staff and elected officials. The committee also worked with the pre school to do a citizenship lesson.

Each year the FFA recognizes students that have exulant record keeping skills, Record
keeping is imperative to the success of SAEs for the Chapter members. The record keeping
awards was donated by Reynold Reeder The members with outstanding record keeping skills included, Freshman Lexi Hake, Sophomore Darius Taulbee, Junior Blake Osswald, and Senior Dylan Ackley.

Leadership pins are given to the class member who most displays those qualities of
leadership which an FFA member should possess. The person who has the ambition to begin, the determination to finish and the self discipline to control him or herself win or lose. Our leadership awards have been donated by Tonya Clark in Memory of Bill and Bertha Ebersole.

The recipients of the class leadership awards where, Freshman Jacob Dickson, Sophomore Ethan Kosier, Junior Kaitlyn Schweizer, and Senior Ellie Lawson.

The National Trail FFA Chapter added a new group during Intervention this year. They refer to themselves as the Shop Squad. Most days the group was super helpful and would give a helping hand with any project. They also helped maintain the shops. The shop squad included Jameson Armstrong, Nick Brubaker, Dylan Duffie, Cooper Smith, Jaxon Strunk, Henry Toschlog, and Gavin Vance.

The Emblem Ceremony is something the National Trail FFA Chapter does every year, each year a group of green hands will study the history of the FFA and present the FFA Emblem at the banquet this year the group of green hands included Serenity Collins, Jacob Dickson, Ava Spaulding, Logan Green, Taylor Lawson, Colton Daum, Tauren Reynolds’s, Aidan Rader, Lexi Hake, Mason Leal, Grace Osswald, and Morgan House.

Each year the FFA recognizes there senior members and congratulates them on there achievements, the seniors made videos and thanked there parents for everything they have done for them, then each senior and there parents walked across the stage one last time.

The National Trail FFA does so much throughout they year and the kids wouldn’t be able to do much of it without there parents. Each FFA member presented there parents with a flower and thanked them for all there hard work and dedication that they put into making sure there kids are allowed to do what they love.

Each year the chapter reporter puts together a year In review slideshow with a bunch of
pictures throughout the year. This year Taryn Rucci presented the year in review slide show.

Many of the projects that the FFA did this year wouldn’t be possible without the FFA
Chapter Officers. The advisors Mr. and Mrs. Kennel recognized the hard work of these officers by presenting them with plaques, The Parliamentarian’s plaque is donated by Harold Steiner.

This year it is being presented to Ellie Lawson, do The Historians’s plaque is donated by Dennis Curtin. This year it is being presented to Macyn Patton, The Sentinel’s plaque is donated by Suzanne Kimball. This year it is being presented to Riley Littrell, The Reporter’s plaque is donated by Paul Wesler. This year it is being presented to Taryn Rucci, The Treasurer’s plaque is donated by Jim & Karen McWhinney. This year it was presented to Grant Deaton, The Secretary plaque was donated by Marti Eley-Paul. This year it was presented to Miranda Ott, The Student Advisor’s plaque was donated by Chad & Sindi Hoke. This year it was presented to Ethan Kosier, Vice President plaque was donated by Randy & Brenda Schaar. This year it was presented to Blake Osswald, President’s plaque was donated by Floyd Geeding. This year it was presented to Daniel Mann.

After the officer recognized, Hannah Lee who was the National Trail FFA President of
the 2021-2022 school year came up on stage to present the 2022-2023 President Danial Mann to give how resignation speech. Danial Mann has been in FFA for 4 year’s competing in many CDE’s and accomplishing so much, every one in the chapter looks up to him and appreciates him for all his hard work this year. After he finished his resignation speech the 2022-2023 officer team came on stage to congratulated him, the emblem lights came on and never grow up by Taylor swift started playing each officer walked off one at a time and the crowd was cheering them on one last time.

As the banquet came to an end there was one last thing to do before closing ceremony’s,
the new 2023-2024 officer team needs to be introduced for the first time. The 2023-2024 officer team is, Parliamentarian Jacob Dickson, Historian Lexi Hake, Sentinel Aidan Koehl, Reporter Kaityln Schweizer, Secretary Grant Deaton, Treasurer Miranda Ott, Student Advisor Ava Spalding, Vice President Ethan Kosier, and the 2023 -2024 President is Blake Osswald.

The closing ceremony started and the FFA members stood in unison to say the pledge of
allegiance. “I now declare this meeting adjourned.”

The National Trail MVCTC FFA banquet was over and all the parents and members congratulated each other on another amazing year.